We offer massage therapy for the office setting as well, available Monday-Friday from 10-2.  

We are located at      2940 Summit St, Ste 2-C, Oakland, CA 94609    ||    
Main Phone.     (510) 415-2404

Somewhere along the line, the importance of our bodies, our vessels, began to diminish. We started to focus on how to become more successful in our social worlds than within ourselves, and preventative wellness measures were no longer necessary.


B  r  e  a  t  h  e
Most of us constantly wear ourselves to our limits and our bodies take the heat. Perhaps your turn to cool down is at hand.
Consider getting back in tune. Move easier. Alleviate pain, increase mobility and blood flow, stimulate healthy autonomic responses. Sleep better, breathe better. Teach your body
                 to    be